LeaderLike You! Robert Kahn

International leadership coach and master of ceremonies

Robert Kahn is a communication and leadership coach, trainer, speaker and author working across a variety of industries and international non-governmental organizations.

The Goal

Success by design, never by chance.
Get more of what you want more of the time, with less hassle, less resistance and more buy-in, in all areas of your life.


Present yourself with gravitas and authenticity to get your message across


Increased positive impact and influence others respectfully


Leaders who listen and respond as the environment changes around them.


Emotional Awareness. Develop conscious responses not unconscious reactions

Robert Kahn

“Set limits and boundaries with passion and honesty. With clear precise communication you will achieve your goals!”

Robert firmly believes that at the forefront of any organization, how leaders communicate is crucial to their success. He helps individuals and teams to:

Positively influence customers, colleagues and subordinates to get the outcomes desired with everyone feeling valued and respected;

Present ideas in a more compelling, confident manner;

Handle difficult or sensitive topics, (customer meetings, financial presentations, major speeches, team interactions) reducing nervousness and increasing overall effectiveness; 

Develop leadership skills and leadership presence when negotiating with different cultures and personalities.

Many facets of Robert Kahn

Leadership Coach

Coaching helps people discover the answers themselves, unlocking potential to maximize their own performance and give them confidence to advance using their full skillset.

Master Of Ceremonies

It’s so important to connect with the crowd and keep them engaged at all times, whilst adapting your style to make sure everyone is comfortable and getting the most from the event. 


Guest Speaker

Robert Kahn is fluent, (written and spoken) in English, French Spanish and German. Connecting with a variety of cultures is his strength! His contagious energy and impeccable organisation and timing mean he’s the guest speaker every event needs!

Global Reach

Robert Kahn is a Leadership and communications expert, with decades of experience working across a plethora of industries and international non-governmental organizations.


Robert Kahn uses a variety of tools and LeaderLikeYou! models he has created to help coach leaders and teams. This concept helps attain the desired outcomes EVERYTIME!

International Communications Expert in 4 Languages

An international communication and leadership expert and the creator of ‘LeaderLike You!’  Robert’s cross-cultural approach allows him to connect to varied audiences, meeting all your business needs.


Minds are like parachutes: they only function when open. Communicating in a fast-paced world to hear and to be heard. Working with your teams to improve communication and collaboration.

Follow me wherever I am in the world

An online expert, Robert’s workshops are effective virtually and face to face.

  • Sept 15-16 Martos, Spain, Leading Others Workshop
  • Sept 14 AM Valencia, Diversity & Inclusion Workshop
  • Sept 13, Basel Switzerland, Stäubli, Team GRIPS Workshop
  • Aug 9-12, Seymour, Indiana, Leading Others Workshop
  • Aug 3-6, Auburn Hills, 4-day Leading Others Workshop
  • July 27-29, Toronto Canada, three 1-day LeaderLike You! Presentation Skills workshops
  • July 19, Paris, France Train the Trainer – Learning to Teach and Learning to Learn
  • July 11-12, Martos, Spain, Leading Others Workshop
  • July 7, Lille, France Tereos, LeaderLike You! Presentation Skills workshop
  • July 4-5, Munich, Germany, Accenture, LeaderLike You! Presentation Skills 2-day workshop
  • June 29-31, Copenhagen, Denmark, three 1-day LeaderLike You! Presentation Skills workshops
  • June 13 / 20 / 27, Geneva, Switzerland, Graduate degree program for medical personal – closing workshop
  • June 21-24, Stuttgart, Germany, 4-day Leading Others Workshop
  • June 16, 350 people online Forvia Beginnings virtual onboarding workshop, worldwide coverage
  • June 9-10, Hager Germany, Lumina / GRIPS Team Workshop
  • June 7-8, Prague, Czech Republic, Leading Others Workshop

People talk

Here’s what some clients have to say about Robert Kahn

countries visited 2019-2020

Repeat client list

Guest Speaker/MC 2020

I had the privilege to attend a leadership program with Robbie in 2014. Meeting Robbie was simply life changing to me. Not only was I struck with what positive energy, non violent communication and active listening could achieve, I also understood what it takes to be a Leader. Whenever I face a tricky situation interracting with customers or colleagues, I always start thinking “what would Robbie do?”… Thanks a lot for opening my eyes!
Antoine Dutreuil

Through my career I have attended many courses with Leadership, Influencing, Communication etc. as themes. The course Robbie facilitated definitely stands out as one of the best, if not the best course I have attended – the level of engagement in the Group was amazing. Robbie was able to maintain a very informal and inclusive environment whilst still enriching the group with tangible content and tools .I have no doubt will enable me to become an even better leader and shed some light on relevant considerations in my private life.
Jonas Krogh

Robbie Kahn’s leadership seminar, LeaderLike You!, was one of the best days I’ve spent on this complex topic. Whether it’s identifying great (and poor) leaders in my own work history, understanding the difference between being a “Leader” and a “Manager”, analyzing the power of intention and behavior (including the use of positive/negative words in speaking and writing), personal development planning, or implementing simple formulas for getting things done more effectively and improving team alignment, Robbie covers it all in a fun, engaging and highly-informative way.
Brian Ross

“Set limits and boundaries with passion and honesty.
With clear precise communications you will achieve your goals.”

Robert Kahn – LeaderLike You!


Wherever you are in the world and whatever your position at work, I aspire to inspire by sharing my anecdotes and providing stories of triumph and leadership at its best.