Master Of Ceremonies And Keynote Speaker

Seamless, engaging and inspiring speeches for groups and individuals


Master of Ceremonies

Robert has extensive experience as a master of ceremonies (also known as an MC or emcee) at numerous international staged events and conferences. He’s a natural introducing speakers, and engages with the audience with his energy and gravitas, whilst keeping the ceremony agenda flowing as smoothly as possible. While being a master of ceremonies might seem like a daunting task, Robert Kahn radiates confidence and charisma to keep the ceremony entertaining for all.

Coaching and Workshops

As a highly experienced and qualified Coach and Trainer, Robert Kahn specializes in hands-on training, using his tried and tested models to take teamwork and communication to the next level. He is the creator of LeaderLike You! Agentic Communicator model. A communication and leadership concept consisting of numerous influential and pragmatic models and a business toolbox designed to induce growth.

Keynote Speaker

As a Leadership and Communications Expert, Robert’s depth and wealth of knowledge along with his anecdotes from his years of experience working with global and government organisations, means Robert Kahn can easily inspire and motivate large or small audiences as a keynote speaker.


Working with smaller audiences, Robert can tailor and adapt his skills set in order for teams to reach a specific outcome. Working in small groups allows for more individual attention and interaction. As the facilitator, Robert can provide guidance as participants practice using newly acquired knowledge and understanding skills.
Robert Kahn’s simple, clear explanation of approaches to conflict nails it. When high performance teams understand that conflict style is a choice, they will be able to turn conflict into an opportunity that allows them to creatively solve problems in order to meet project benchmarks and team goals. His insightful video made a great addition to my NASA leadership training course explaining conflict styles.

Astrid Julian
NASA Contractor


Are you looking for a unique communication expert/specialist who can engage an audience of over 200 employees for two hours and have them bring their learning’s back to the workplace and still talk about him positively 6 months later? Or a person who can establish a rapport quickly at all levels and develop meaningful one to one coaching relationships? Then look no further.

HR & Comms Director Suntory


His energy is of a class one has to experience oneself – he has the ability to lift up an audience and get them into a space where they can challenge themselves personally and professionally, and reach great results

Leadership & Development Coach


I was very impressed with Robert’s ability to work in a cross-cultural context. He was able to shift between as many as 11 different languages without hesitation..

Ron Jamieson
Economic & Marketing Consultant