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Unlock Potential to Maximize Performance

As a leader within an organization, one of the skills you should possess is that of being a coach for your employees. By coaching them, you are dedicating your employees your time and attention and, more importantly, you assist them to master their work and grow their own knowledge and skills.


Present yourself with gravitas and authenticity to get your message across

It’s not just what you say, it’s often more important how you say it. When presenting either yourself or any topic, be who you need to be — the congruent “you.”

At the forefront of any organization, the communication skills of executives are crucial to the success of their organization. Individuals must be able to present, influence and connect with others in a powerful and persuasive manner. Executives often need more than general training. They need focused coaching on how to structure and deliver messages important to the future of their organization.


Increased positive impact and influence.


Does how you present yourself leave the best personal brand image possible?

Work with Robbie to become more audience-focused, message-driven and action-oriented to:

  • Develop your personal brand with impact and gravitas
  • Positively influence customers, colleagues and subordinates to get the outcomes you want with everyone feeling valued and respected
  • Present ideas in a more compelling, confident manner
  • Handle difficult or sensitive topics, (customer meetings, financial presentations, major speeches, team interactions) while reducing nervousness and increasing effectiveness
  • Develop leadership presence when negotiating with different cultures and personalities
  • Look, act and sound like the leader they are, achieving instant likeability and credibility
  • Use your charisma and presence to focus on impact – not on perfection
  • Together find an authentic, credible and compelling personal style without alpha behaviors that may be perceived as “abrasive” by others


Leaders who listen and respond as the environment changes

Are you an Inspirational Leader?
When I am sitting in front of a leadership seminar group on day one, about 30 minutes into the seminar I ask the group of 20 participants the following question “Think back for a moment on all the bosses and leaders you have ever had in your career. Raise your hand if you had one highly inspiring, truly motivational leader who made a mark on how you work and who you are – a leader who coached and mentored you, a leader who cared about you — working on your strengths and weaknesses.” Result? About 30% of the hands go up. That means about 70% of the people in that room have never had a truly inspiring leader.


Emotional Awareness. Develop conscious responses not unconscious reactions and master your emotional state.

Would you drive your car if the gas gauge and the warning lights were on red? Probably not, though sometimes we get into the drivers’ seat emotionally when our warning lights are on red. Being in touch with ourselves, and picking up on how we are coming across is crucial.

The Emotional Bank Account, your EBA

How we interact and react to others is metaphorically akin to a glass of water. This is our emotional bank account.

Imagine the first time you meet someone, no judgments, no interpretations about them, and they have none about you either. You are meeting them with a full glass of water in your emotional bank account (EBA). They are also meeting you with a full glass of water in their EBA. Now, over time — and sometimes quite quickly, some of the water gets knocked out of the glass. You consume some, by missing deadlines, by saying things that hurt, by using looks that might be misinterpreted. You knock some water out on purpose by being passive aggressive, or even aggressively passive with them — even becoming overly aggressive with them.


Assertive Communication

Hiring the Right People

Coaching for success


Personal Impact Coaching

"Positive energy"

I had the priviliege to attend a leadership program with Robbie in 2014. Meeting Robbie was simply life changing to me. Not only was I struck with what positive energy, non violent communication and active listening could achieve, I also understood what it takes to be a Leader. Whenever I face a tricky situation interracting with customers or colleagues, I always start thinking “what would Robbie do?”… Thanks a lot for opening my eyes!



Through my career I have attended many courses with Leadership, Influencing, Communication etc. as themes. The course Robbie facilitated definitely stands out as one of the best, if not the best course I have attended – the level of engagement in the Group was amazing. Robbie was able to maintain a very informal and inclusive environment whilst still enriching the group with tangible content and tools .I have no doubt will enable me to become an even better leader and shed some light on relevant considerations in my private life


"Best days"

Robbie Kahn’s leadership seminar, LeaderLike You!, was one of the best days I’ve spent on this complex topic. Whether it’s identifying great (and poor) leaders in my own work history, understanding the difference between being a “Leader” and a “Manager”, analyzing the power of intention and behavior (including the use of positive/negative words in speaking and writing), personal development planning, or implementing simple formulas for getting things done more effectively and improving team alignment, Robbie covers it all in a fun, engaging and highly-informative way.

Brian ROSS