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The Beginning

My love of languages developed at an early age when I attended high school in Mexico. This continued throughout my education when I majored in Business and minored in French and Spanish at Macalester College, Minnesota.
Throughout my career I have developed key elements for businesses to work efficaciously, guiding leaders to better manage their teams and themselves.
After gaining my certification in Myers Briggs and Neuro Linguistic Programming, I created my own Leadership and Coaching business. My crazy schedule, with clients all over the world, allows me to use my language skills to reach and make a difference to teams from many different cultures. I get an enormous sense of satisfaction witnessing individuals and teams advance after my coaching workshops.


My extensive and loyal client list provides me with the opportunity to deliver and work with the models I have created both virtually and face to face which I refine according to the client and teams I am working with. Leadership has many facets. My concept: LeaderLike You! has taken extensive practice and research to determine, providing effective and coherent orientation and focus for businesses globally. My tried and tested workshops encourage coachees to move forward in their professional lives with clarity, gravitas and impact. I pride myself on giving people the skills to find direction and drive, becoming the best version of themselves in their professional and personal lives.

The Future

With so many factors contributing to the ever-changing, fast pace of commerce worldwide and the impacts of the global pandemic, I believe that businesses and organisations on a worldwide scale, need superior and finer communication skills. It is time for me to share what I have learnt over the years with leaders and organisations, to help them unlock their utmost potential. I am thrilled to present my ‘LeaderLike You!’ approach, a guide to ultimate leadership.  Watch this space for further updates and the release of the LeaderLike You! book.

“It’s not what you say,  more important is how you say it. When presenting either yourself or any topic, be who you need to be – the congruent you.”

Robert Kahn – LeaderLike You!

A Day In the Life of Robert Kahn

My day starts early with a herbal tea and nutritious breakfast. I need healthy brainfood, so I can be at my best for my clients. My schedule does not allow for much free time. I do make time to go to the gym most days and ensure that my team schedule time with my family on a regular basis too. I revel in my work which requires focus and dynamism. Being at the peek of my fitness level is primordial if I am to keep up with my supercharged work diary!

My clients and their teams’ positive attitudes and reception of my work mean that we finish our days on a high energy level. When I’m Master of Ceremonies I channel this energy to keep the audience engaged and entertained. I am able to regulate timing impeccably and adapt my style to suit the event’s needs.

At Home

Nelson is my 2 year old wirehaired Dachshund and we love hanging out. He often takes a stroll with me when I get the chance, and although he doesn’t know it, he helps clear my head and reflect on the day, he’s a good listener!

My favourite pastime is to be with my family where I enjoy cooking with my children. We often try out old family recipes or some of the new ones I’ve picked up from my global travels. Our favourite thing are my breakfast popovers, they’re delicious!

My daughter is a budding artist and I’m bowled over by her talent. My son likes to put me through my paces in the gym! As a competitive tennis player he thrashes me too! His commitment to sport is true testament to his talent. I’m super proud of them both.

My beautiful wife Cécile holds the Family Fort whilst I am absent. After the pandemic we’ll enjoy having friends over for dinners again, that I’ll delight in preparing, (usually with a superb bottle of French fine wine!)

My Work

Being a leadership and communication coach, guest speaker and master of ceremonies is a creative job. No day is ever the same! One day I can be Geneva helping pharmaceutical companies adapt to global restructures, the next in Mexico acting as master of ceremonies for a government organisation, helping them deal with cultural conflicts. As you can imagine I have to be highly organised, I can’t take all the credit for this, as I couldn’t do it without my very patient wife and my team (Kim and Tee)! They keep me grounded and on track despite my busy schedule.

My aim for anyone I work with, is that they get more of what they, more often,  with less hassle and resistance and ultimately, more buy-in! That they become successful by design and not by chance. My LeaderLike You! septagon exemplifies the seven skills linked to such success: leadership, coaching, training, mentoring, consulting, managing and sponsoring are all facets which come into play if you want to shine and get the most from your team. Providing  teams with this insight also drives them to triumph. Ask yourself, how many great Leaders did you encounter in your life? Did they fulfill all of the titles above?

My LLY ‘toolbox’ is a logical guide that anyone can apply to their business.  My ‘Agentic Communicator Wheel’ will increase personal awareness and shift people’s energies, anywhere from the authoritative, overly aggressive types to the apathetic, pleaser types, bringing them to the ‘Power with – conscious response frame’.  The ‘Mood Meter’ exposes the unconscious responses and guides to adopt conscious reactions, eliminating ‘Bad day energy’ and drawing us to ‘Positive zone energy’.

My ‘JGRR’ framework suggests we explore Joy, Gratitude, Regret and Request; a game I have played for years with my family and have now adapted to the professional setting. My equation about Leaders making positive impact from 0 to 100 percent:

‘Impact = Quality x Acceptance’ (100 = 10 x 10) pinpoints how to get 100% from your teams.  Quality is self explanatory and teams usually hit ten out of ten for this variable. Acceptance leads people from ‘saying’ Yes to  ‘doing’ YES.  

Businesses put their emphasis on Quality. As a Leader your job is to increase the variable (Acceptance) and test the Acceptance on a variety of elements.

The objective is to create an atmosphere (avoiding ‘At-Most-Fear’) where Acceptance is discussed. For example somebody saying YES they can deliver the report for next Tuesday, knowing they are going away at the weekend and actually the task is unlikely to be completed.  They have accepted, (said YES), doing (Action) is another story therefore the score for ten out of ten on Acceptance is jeopardised.

Team members need to feel at ease and ready to inform if the conditions for a certain task are not conducive to high performance. I coach for 100% EVERY time.  Who does not want this for their business?